15:15. The lock of a steering column - removal and installation

1. Prepare srezny screws of fastening of the lock (get only in Nissan car service).
2. Remove a wheel.
3. Remove a casing of a steering column.
4. Accurately drill two srezny screws, having picked up a drill for diameter of a rod part of the screw.

15.1 For access to a reducer it is necessary to shine a rubber apron

15.2 A bolt of the lower hinge (on the sga car a drousilitel)

15.3 Removal of a bipod from a shaft of a reducer 1. Case of a reducer 2. Bipod

15.5 Bolts of fastening of a steering reducer is in a channel of the left longeron of a frame

5. Unscrew two additional screws and remove the lock. Disconnect wires.
6. At installation combine openings and wrap screws. Check, having inserted a key, operation of the lock and tighten screws.
7. Tighten srezny screws to an oblamyvaniye of heads (photo).
8. Other assembly is carried out upside-down.