15.3. Hairpins of fastening of a wheel - replacement

1. Lift the car.
2. Remove a wheel
3. Remove a support and a disk of a brake:
4. On forward wheels separate a nave from a disk.
5. Screw on a hairpin a nut and a stripper to a vypressuyta a hairpin (a hairpin establish in situation for 5 or 7 hours).
6. Turn off a nut and get a hairpin.
7. Insert a new hairpin so that teeth coincided with teeth in an opening.
8. Dress 4 washers, wrap a nut on a hairpin.
9. Tighten a nut so that the hairpin rested against a back part of a nave, turn off a nut and remove washers.
10. Establish all details upside-down. Establish a wheel and lower the car.