15:10. Springs of a back suspension bracket - removal and installation

1. Lift a back part of the car and establish supports under a frame.
2. Raise the back bridge the jack substituted under a reducer case.
3. Turn off nuts and remove shock-absorbers from the lower Hairpins (photo).
4. Carefully lower the back bridge before full unloading of springs.
5. Remove springs and cups. Examine cups, at detection of damages replace.

11.2 Otvorachivaniye of nuts of drafts of the stabilizer 1 Draft

9.6 The painted corbel on a spring and a tag on the lower part have to be directed and the party of a back part of the car
1. Top 
2. Spring 
3. Lower cup
4. Orientation tags 
5. To a back part of the car

6. Installation is carried out upside-down. At installation orient springs so that the tag was directed towards a back part of the car (photo). Finally tighten nuts of shock-absorbers after lowering of the car on wheels.