15.8. The top lever and a spherical support - removal and installation

1. You will lift a car front.
2. Remove a wheel.
3. Turn off the top nut of the shock-absorber and squeeze the shock-absorber.
4. Slightly raise a jack the lower lever.
5. Release a nut of the top hinge. Vypressuyte a stripper a support finger from an eye of a fist (photo). Turn off a nut.
6. Turn off bolts of fastening of an axis of the lever to a frame and remove the lever assembled with a support and adjusting washers. Pay attention to quantity and an order of an arrangement of adjusting washers (photo).
7. Turn off nuts and remove a support. The support non-demountable and in case of wear is replaced entirely.

7.5b the Elementary device for a support vypressovka manufactured of a bolt, a nut and a face head

7.5a Vypressovka of a finger of the top support by means of adaptation

8. Replace the hardened or damaged plugs of the lever. For this purpose turn off nuts of an axis and a vypressuyta an axis from the lever (the press is required).
9. Before a press fitting of new plugs moisten them with soap solution. Plugs are pressed on a hydraulic press so that the fillet on the plug rested against reciprocal deepening in a lever sleeve.
10. Insert an axis and dress internal washers so that their rounded parties were turned inside.
11. Press external plugs.
12. Wrap axis nuts.
13. Install a support on the lever.
14. Install the lever, having tracked safety of adjusting washers. Tighten bolts with the set moment.

7.6 Bolts of fastening of an axis of the top lever of a suspension bracket

7.15 Check centering of the lever, having measured the sizes A and B

8.8 Nut of an axis of the lower lever

9.3 Details of a back suspension bracket 1. Cross bar 2. Longitudinal bar 3. Top bar 4. Draft of the stabilizer 5. Stabilizer 6. At a wraparound of bolts and nuts correctly orient them. Bolts and nuts have to correspond the established manufacturer.

15. Check the sizes A and B (photo). Compare them with specified in Specifications, if necessary adjust.
16. Other operations are carried out upside-down. Finally tighten bolts and nuts after lowering of the car on wheels. Check and adjust the angles of installation of wheels.