15:20. Removal of air from a wheel hydraulic actuator

It is necessary to remove air from a wheel hydraulic actuator at any dismantling of the highway, irrespective of those measures which were taken to prevent air hit.

1. Check liquid level, if necessary restore, having added to a tag on the tank probe. Warm up hydraulic actuator liquid for what idling the engine rotate a wheel in both parties within 2 min.
2. Lift a car front so that wheels only slightly concerned a floor.
3. Turn a wheel here and there against the stop not less than 10 times, at the same time do not allow strong impact with limiters, hold a wheel at the end of each course.
4. Check liquid level.
5. Start the engine, and, several minutes of work later idling, stop. Check liquid level.
6. Start the engine for several seconds, stop and check liquid level. Turn wheels in both parties against the stop not less than 10 times, again check liquid level.
7. If after these procedures in a tank foam is observed, and operation of the pump is followed by the increased noise, then air is not removed from a hydraulic actuator. In this case wait so far foam will not disappear, check the level of liquid and repeat the procedure.
8. If after several cycles of pumping air is not removed, then in system there is a leak. Ask the assistant to turn a wheel against the stop several times and to maintain in completely turned out state (no more than 15 sec.). During turn of wheels examine hoses and tubes and check existence of a leak. If the leak is absent, then the hydraulic booster is faulty and the car should be checked in car service.