15.9. The lower lever and a spherical support - removal and installation

1. Lift a car front.
2. Remove a wheel.
3. Remove the torsion.
4. Disconnect the shock-absorber from the lower lever.
5. Disconnect the stabilizer from the lower lever.
6. Release a nut of the lower hinge. Vypressuyte a stripper a finger of the lower support from an eye of a fist (photo). On all-wheel drive cars it is required pivotally - a lever stripper (scissors type).
7. Disconnect a bar from the lower lever.
8. Turn off a nut of an axis of the lever and get an axis (photo).
9. Remove the mobile lever of the torsion and get them the suspension bracket lever.
10. Turn off bolts and remove a support. The support non-demountable and in case of wear is replaced entirely.
11. If necessary beat out plugs from a frame.
12. Installation is carried out upside-down. Tighten nuts of a support and an axis of the lever with the set moment. Upon termination of lower the car and check amplitude of swing of the lever (the size N, see above). Check and adjust the angles of installation of wheels.