15:13. Steering - general information

The steering wheel, column, reducer, steering drafts with tips (photo) belong to knots of steering. Rotary motion of a wheel is transmitted to drafts and wheels through the ball nut which is in gearing with a bipod shaft. On a part of cars the hydraulic booster (photo) is provided. The steering column breaks at impact of the car. On a column the ignition lock, the wheel shaft lock, switches of light of headlights, indexes of turn and a washer of a windshield, and also the regulator of light of headlights are located.

12:1á Steering Details without hydraulic booster
1. Wheel
2. Wheel shaft lock
3. Casing of a steering column
4. Side draft
5. Collar of a tip of dock draft
6. Sharovy hinge
7. Bipod
8. Reducer
9. Cross draft
10. Pendular lever
11. Elasti

13.3 Screws of fastening of a wheel

13.5 Drawing a tag of orientation of a wheel before removal

12:16 Steering details with the hydraulic booster
1. Wheel
2. Regupyator of an inclination of steering colony
3. Steering mechanism
4. Cross draft
5. Pump of the hydraulic booster
6. Tank
7. Column

14.7 Screws with srezny heads for fastening of the lock of a rug 1. Screw