4.4. Covers of heads of cylinders – removed and installation

1. Execute a decompression of fuel system.

3.4a Mark O in a pulley and index

3.4b When division About on a pulley will coincide with the index...
1. Scale of installation of ignition

3.5... and the runner indicates the put tag, the piston of the 1st cylinder is in VMT of a step of compression 1. Runner

2. Disconnect the battery from weight.
Right cover
3. Disconnect a hose of ventilyation of a case (photo)
4. Designate and disconnect from wire candles, take them aside.
5. Disconnect hoses and wires from a cover.
6. Unscrew screws of a cover and remove washers.
4.3 Hoses and wires which should be disconnected to remove the right cover of a head of cylinders

4.8 A hose and a wire which should be disconnected to remove the left cover of a head of cylinders

5.3 Lay bolts of rollers in cash desk as it should be to them installations

7. Uncover, having carefully opened consolidation.
Left cover
8. Disconnect a hose of a sapun (Photo) from a cover.
9. Designate and disconnect from wire candles.
10. Get from wire arms.
11. Unscrew 9 screws and uncover.
12. Clear a cover of the consolidation remains, apply sealant in a cover flute and lay laying. After a skhvatyvaniye of sealant establish a cover and wrap screws.
13. Evenly tighten screws in 3-4 receptions.
14. Other procedures are performed upside-down.
15. Warm up the engine and be convinced of lack of a leak