4.7. The soaking-up collector - removal and installation

1. Depressurize fuel system and disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Merge liquid.
3. Remove the air filter, the case of a butterfly valve, disconnect wires from candles and uncover the distributor.
4. Disconnect the recirculation valve.
5. Take off a belt of the conditioner and an arm of a roller of a natyazhitel of this belt (photo).

7.5 Bolts of fastening of a roller of a natyazhitel of a belt of the conditioner

7.9 An order of an otpuskaniye of bolts of the soaking-up collector

6. Disconnect from the thermostat a hose perepuskny a hose and the top hose of a radiator.
7. Designate from a collector and disconnect vacuum hoses, wires and cables.
8. Disconnect a heater hose in a back part of a collector.
9. Evenly turn off bolts and nuts in the specified sequence and carefully remove the soaking-up collector.
10. Clear a collector, banish all carvings.
11. Establish new laying on the collector (having recorded according to the instruction attached to this detail).
12. Without violating the provision of laying, establish a collector and wrap bolts and nuts. Evenly tighten bolts and nuts with the set moment, in the specified sequence (photo).
13. Other operations are carried out in the return sweat a row.

8.4 Details of the right final collector
1. Laying
2,3. Thermal guards
4. Collector

7.12 An order of tightening of bolts of the soaking-up collector