4.1. General information

In this Part types of the works on repair of V6 engines performed directly on the car are described. In all described below operations on repair it is meant that the engine is installed on the car.
The engine has V-a figurative arrangement of cylinders and 2 heads (on one on 3 cylinders) located at an angle 60 °. Both cam-shafts (on one in each head) have the drive from a gear belt. Adjustment of a tension of a belt is provided with the sprung roller with the clown. Transfer of effort from a cam-shaft to the valve is provided through the yokes established on rollers and hydropushers. Valves are self-regulating. On each cylinder also 1 final is provided 1 inlet the valve. The crankshaft is cast from malleable cast iron. Covers of radical bearings of the crankshaft are cast in a uniform framework which fastens to a crankshaft case (the block of cylinders). The distributor of ignition has the drive from the spiral gear wheel dressed on a sock of the left cam-shaft. The leading gear wheel of the oil pump is dressed on a crankshaft sock.