4.17. The oil pump - removal, check and installation

1. Take off a gear belt, a pulley and the pallet.
2. Turn off bolts and remove an oil receiver.
3. Turn off bolts of the oil pump and remove the pump, having displaced blows through a wooden pig (photo).
4. Clear the pump.
5. Uncover and wash out all details in solvent. Turn off a cap and get the reducing valve (photo).

16:18 Order of tightening of bolts of the pallet
1. To a forward part of the engine

17:3í Removal of the oil pump

17.5 Details of the oil pump
1. Internal gear wheel
2. External gear wheel

6. Check gaps of the pump (photo). If one of gaps differs from norm, then replace couple of gear wheels or the pump.
7. Fill a cavity of a naos with technical vaseline and collect the pump.
8. Grease with sealant the demountable plane of the pump.
9. Establish all details upside-down, having replaced all laying and a sealant (photo).

17:6á Check of a gap between an external gear wheel and a pump housing (A), between an internal gear wheel and a crescent insert (V) and between an external gear wheel and a crescent insert (C)

17:6í Check of a face gap

17.9 Replacement of a sealing ring of an oil receiver