4.14. A cam-shaft - removal and installation

1. Remove a head of cylinders.

14:4á Holding a cam-shaft for deepening...

14:5á Extraction of an epiploon of a cam-shaft

14:5í Removal of a cam-shaft

14.6 Check of an axial side play of a cam-shaft
1. Indicator
2. Side play
3. Bolt
4. Cam-shaft
5. Persistent washer

14.7 A persistent washer for adjustment of an axial side play of a cam-shaft. It is delivered in the spare part with the specified thickness (in brackets the size in mm).
1. A tag With
2. Without tag
3. Kerneniye
4. To a side part of the engine

15.1 Cam-shaft support surface

15.2 Measurement of a basic neck

15.3 Check of a beating of a cam-shaft

15.4 Check of wear of cams of a cam-shaft

2. Remove pushers together with the case and rollers with yokes.
3. Remove a face cover (photo).
4. Holding a cam-shaft, turn off the central bolt (photo). Get a bolt and a washer.
5. Carefully get an epiploon and a cam-shaft (photo).
6. Grease basic necks and establish a cam-shaft. Tighten a bolt and check an axial side play (photo). The side play has to be 0,03-0,06 mm.
7. If the side play exceeds norm, then a persistent washer replace (photo).

15.5 The checked hydropusher surfaces

15:6á Check diameter of a pusher...