4.15. Details of the valvate mechanism - check

1. At detection on support of a cam-shaft of wear tracks  or  developments  replace  a head  of cylinders (photo).
2. Measure diameters of basic necks and support of a cam-shaft, define gaps (photo). Compare results to standard. If at least one of the sizes does not meet standard, then replace a head of cylinders, a cam-shaft or details both these.
3. Check a beating of a cam-shaft (photo). If the beating does not meet standard, then replace a cam-shaft.
4. Check wear of cams, having measured their size and having subtracted standard (photo). If wear exceeds norm, then replace a cam-shaft.
5. Check a condition of a surface of hydropushers (photo).
6. Check  diameter, a pusher  and  the interfaced opening in the case (photo). Replace a pusher or the case if their wear exceeds norm.
7. Check a gap between a pusher and an opening which has to meet standard if both details are not worn-out. It is recommended to change a pusher and the case together, based on gap size.
8. Check diameters of the roller and openings in yokes, define gaps (photo). If diameters and gaps differ from norm, then replace the roller and yokes.