4.5. The roller with yokes - removal and installation

1. Uncover a head of cylinders.
2. In 2-3 receptions release bolts of the roller of yokes, as it should be from the end to the middle. Keep in mind that some the valve are open and yokes are under pressure of springs. Therefore release bolts gradually, otherwise the roller is deformed (photo).

5.2 Bolts of the roller of yokes

5.4 Removal of the roller with yokes. The procedure for test of details is described below.

6.2 Fixing of hydropushers

6.3 Removal of the case with hydropushers

3. Turn out bolts and you store in an order of their installation (photo).
4. Remove the roller with yokes (photo).
5. Installation is carried out upside-down. Tighten bolts evenly with the set moment, as it should be from the periphery to the middle.