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14:14. Pumping of brakes

Before pumping of brakes on the cars equipped with ABS-system disconnect the battery from weight. It is recommended to pump over brakes together.

1. Need of pumping arises after replacement of details of the highway of a hydraulic actuator. When dismantling a hydraulic actuator of one wheel it is possible to be limited to pumping only of the understanding contour.
2. Lift the car and establish on supports. Press several times a brake pedal. Before pumping restore liquid level in a tank and during pumping support level, without allowing emptying of a tank.
3. Begin pumping with pressure regulator. Turn off it is hard tighten the union for pumping (photo).
4. Attach a hose to the union, lower other end of a hose in a vessel with brake fluid.
5. Ask the assistant to press several times grief of a brake and to hold. Unscrew the union and later 2 sec. after the stream of the liquid following with bubbles weakens, tighten the union. Ask the assistant to release a pedal.
6. Repeat the procedure of 8-9 times until in the following liquid bubbles do not cease to be observed. Tighten the union.
8. Perform these operations on wheel cylinders in the sequence: right back wheels, the left back, right forward, left forward. Upon termination of restore liquid level in a tank.