14.9. Disks of back brakes - check, removal and installation

1. Wrap 2 nuts of a wheel to hold a disk concerning a half shaft flange, and check a condition of a disk (see section 4).
2. Remove the cylinder, turn off bolts of fastening of a mouth to a flange on a beam of the back bridge (photo).
3. Remove a disk. If the disk does not give in, then dig the getting liquid around hairpins, screw bolts in auxiliary openings and wrapping bolts, remove it is wild (photo).
4. Further operations are carried out upside-down. Tighten fastening bolts with set the moment

8.2 Details of a back disk brake of the all-wheel drive Terrano I/Pathfinder car" (since 1988 } 1. Cover of a finger 2. Union Z bolt. Copper laying 4. Hose 5. Kryshna 6. Проклатв internal 7. Cover 8. Cylinder 9. Piston 10 cuff. Piston 11. Cover cylinder

8.3 Removal of a disk by means of auxiliary bolts 1. M8x125 boat