14.7. The wheel cylinder of back drum brakes - removal, dismantling and installation

1. Prepare ремкомплект the cylinder.
2. Remove drums and blocks.
3. Substitute the pallet.

5.15 Back brake of the all-wheel drive car "Terrano I/Pathfinder" assembled.

6.4 Brake tube union

4. Clear bolts of fastening of the cylinder to a board of a brake and the union (photo). Unscrew the union and muffle a tube and an opening in the cylinder.
5. Turn off 4 nuts of fastening of the cylinder and remove spring washers. Get the cylinder.
6. When dismantling remove covers, get heads of pistons and pistons. Remove from pistons of a cuff (photo).
7. Check a condition of details, existence of scratches on the cylinder because of pollution in liquid.
8. If a condition of the cylinder satisfactory, then wash out it brake fluid.
9. Grease new cuffs with liquid and install on pistons so that edges of cuffs were turned in the cylinder. Collect the cylinder.
10. Further assembly is carried out upside-down. Pump over a hydraulic actuator of brakes and remove air.

6.6 It is put/m the wheel cylinder 1. Cover 2. Gotha пщшшт Z. Parshvn 4. Cuffs 5. Cylinder 6. Union дпя pumpings 7. Cap