14:11. The main cylinder of brakes - removal, dismantling and installation

1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Substitute the pallet or spread rags.
3. Release the union of tubes on the main cylinder (photo).
4. Turn off nuts of fastening of the cylinder to the vacuum amplifier.
5. Carefully remove the cylinder from hairpins, turn off the union and muffle openings. Get the cylinder.
6. Muffle hydraulic actuator tubes.

7. Prepare ремкомплект the main cylinder.

In the main tsilintsr of the considered cars remkomplekta of Nabco and Tokico which are not interchanged are used. Therefore at first get necessary ремкомплект.

8. Clear the cylinder and merge liquid.
9. Remove a cap, get a lock washer (if it is provided, the first piston and a spring (photo).
10. Get the secondary piston, having knocked with the cylinder about wooden whetstone.
11. Check a condition of the cylinder. At detection of scratches or the painted sites replace the cylinder

10.3 Nuts of unions on the main cylinder (it is recommended to release an alligator wrench)

10.9 Details of the main cylinder of brakes 1. Stopper 2. Filter 3. Float 4. Tank 5. Secondary piston assembled 6. Primary piston 7. Cap 8,9 Cuffs 10. Basic washer 11. Spring 12. Cylinder 13. Uplotniteli 14. At assembly to grease with liquid

12. Disassemble the secondary piston (primary non-demountable).
13. Wash out all details in alcohol or brake fluid.
14. Remove a tank only if necessary.
15. Dress on the cuff piston, having tracked correctness of their orientation.
16. Dip details into brake fluid.
17. Collect all details as their former installation, bend ears on a cap (photo) and install on the cylinder. If the cap is damaged, then replace it.
18. Before installation it is recommended to fill the cylinder with liquid and to remove air. This measure will reduce duration of pumping of brakes.
19. Close carving caps of an opening under the union, fix the cylinder and fill with liquid a cylinder tank.
20. Turn off one of caps, press pistons, wrap a cap and release pistons.

10:17 Before assembly of the main cylinder bend ears on a cap

11:2á Regulator of pressure of brakes of the A 1 type. The union for pumping 2. Arm 3. Pressure regulator (неразборньй)

11:2í Regulator of pressure of brakes of the B 1 type. The union for pumping 2. Pressure regulator (non-demountable) 3. Arm 4. Spring

21. Repeat the procedure for each of openings on 3-4 times.
22. Instead of a cap it is possible to close one of openings a finger. Release a finger after pressing pistons after an effluence of liquid close an opening a finger and release pistons. Several seconds later take away a finger.
Repeat the procedure and perform the same operations on other opening.
23. After only liquid begins to follow from openings wrap caps.
24. Add liquid in a tank before the top division and wrap a stopper.
25. Install the cylinder upside-down and pump over brakes.