14.3. Blocks disk (forward and back) brakes - replacement

Blocks change only in a set on one axis. When cleaning blocks to delete dust and dirt with wiping by the rags moistened in alcohol it is forbidden to blow.

1. Release nuts of wheels, lift the car and establish on supports. Remove wheels.
2. Turn off a bolt of the lower axis of the cylinder (photo).
3. Cast away a support (photo) up.
4. Remove holders, laying and blocks. Pay attention to an initial arrangement of details.
5. Grease contact surfaces of a support with silicone lubricant (photo).
6. Establish new internal blocks and laying.
7. Lower a support and displace outside (photo).
8. Again lift a support and establish new external blocks and laying (photo).
AA. Lower a support and tighten an axis bolt with the set moment.
10. Further operations are carried out upside-down. Check liquid level if necessary restore. Check work of brakes.