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14.5. A brake disk - check, removal and installation

1. Release nuts of wheels, lift the car and establish on supports. Remove wheels.
2. Remove a support with the cylinder and take aside.
3. Check a condition of a disk. At detection of traces of deep development (depth more than 0,38 mm) remove a disk and a proshlifuyta (photo).
4. Check a beating (especially if when braking vibrations were felt) by means of the arrow indicator (photo). If the beating on the indicator exceeds norm, then remove a disk and a proshlifuyta.

The disk in general is recommended to be removed and proshlifovyvat periodically on it is dependent on indications of the indicator. At least it can be made by hand a small skin (photo) to reduce a roughness.

5. After grinding thickness of a disk should not be less maximum permissible (thickness is cast on a disk, a photo).
6. Remove a dustproof cover of a nave.
7. Remove the forelock.

3.12 Installation of the piston in the cylinder 1.  Cylinder 2. Piston 3. Cuff 4. Cover

4.4a Check of a beating of a disk

8. Remove a cap.
9. Turn off a nut of a nave and remove a washer.
10. Remove the external bearing.
11. Remove a nave assembled with a disk.
12. If the disk pereshlifovyvatsya, then get: epiploon.

4.4b Grinding of a disk by hand

4.5a Place of drawing extreme thickness of a disk

4.13a Bolts of fastening of a disk to a nave

13. If the disk changes, then separate it from a nave for what turn off bolts, tap on edge of a nave, hook screw-drivers and remove a disk (photo). If it is not possible to separate a disk in such a way, then grease a joint of a disk and a nave with the getting liquid.
14. Establish a disk on a nave and screw bolts.
15. Evenly and gradually tighten bolts to the full.
16. Other operations are carried out according to Gl.11.