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14:10. Blocks of the emergency brake (on back disk brakes) - removal, installation and adjustment

1. Remove a disk of a back brake.
2. Remove clamping springs of blocks for what press a cap and turn on 90 ° (photo).
3. Displace blocks from a board of a brake (photo), remove two springs, a guide and a strut.
4. Part blocks in the top part and remove from a half shaft flange, disconnect a cable of the emergency brake from the lever
5. Remove a spring and the regulator, wash out details in solvent and grease a carving part with jellied lubricant.
6. If blocks change, then install the conducted lever of the emergency brake on a new block.

9.2 Details of the emergency brake of back disk brakes 1. Fingers of clamping springs 2. Board of a brake 3. Regulator 4. Adjusting spring 5. Contact surfaces 6. Basic washer 7. Spring 8. Cap of a clamping spring 9. Spring 10. Strut 11. vozvratna

9.3 Release blocks, give on yourself and remove returnable springs

7. Hook on a regulator spring for a block and install the regulator. Make sure that grooves on the regulator came into end faces of blocks.
8. Slightly grease those places of blocks which adjoin to a board of a brake (photo).
9. Attach a cable to the lever on a block.
10. Part blocks and establish, having pressed to a brake board. Establish a strut.
11. Establish clamping springs of blocks, fix by caps, having turned them on 90 °.
12. Establish springs and a guide.
13. Establish a disk on a flange of a half shaft and record, having screwed two nuts of a wheel. Install the cylinder and a support.
14. Check that the emergency brake is completely released. Get a cap in a board and having inserted the screw-driver, rotate the regulator for teeth until the block does not adjoin to a drum of a disk (photo).
15. Unscrew the regulator in the opposite direction on 7-8 clicks and be convinced that the disk rotates freely, without touching a block.
16. Put a cap into place.

9.14 Remove a cap and the screw-driver rotate the regulator for teeth until the block does not adjoin to a disk drum, then unscrew the regulator in the opposite direction on 7-8 clicks. 1. Regulator 2 cap. Screw-driver 3. To take away a block

9.7 Places of lubricant on a brake board