14.6. Back drum brakes - replacement of blocks

1. Lift a back part of the car and establish on supports. Release the emergency brake.
2. Remove a wheel.
3. If necessary reduce blocks the regulator (Hl. 1)
4. Remove a drum for what rotating a drum, knock on it with the hammer with soft brisk in the direction outside. If the drum does not give in to removal, then displace it, evenly wrapping bolts of M8 x 1,25 in special carving openings (photo).

4.5b Check of thickness of a disk. Measure thickness in several places

4.13b Division of a disk and nave

5.4 Removal of a drum by means of auxiliary bolts

5. Carefully clear a drum of dust and dirt.
6. Remove clamping springs of blocks for what press a cap and turn on 90 ° (photo).
7. Remove the top coupling springs of blocks (photo).
8. Part blocks and get a strut (photo).

5.6 Removal of clamping springs of blocks

9. In addition part blocks and get them from grooves in the regulator and pistons. Fix pistons from a vydviganiye from cylinders (that at assembly not to pump over a hydraulic actuator).
10. Disconnect a cable of the emergency brake from the lever.
11. Do not press a pedal of a brake, otherwise pistons will go out of the cylinder.
12. Check a condition of covers of the cylinder and existence of a leak of liquid. If necessary repair or replace cylinders.

5.7b Top spring, guide and cable of the regulator

13. Grease a carving of the regulator of blocks brake liquid.
14. Before assembly slightly grease the rubbing places ю boats with brake lubricant, without allowing hit on pi zinovy details.
5.7a Details of a back drum brake of the polnopoivolny car "Terrann I/Pathfinder" 1. Adjusting lever 2. Spring 3. Basic washer of a spring 4. Clamping spring 5. Cap of a spring 6. Reel 7. An adjusting cable with a spring 8,14. Spring 9,12

5.8 Removal of a strut of blocks

5.16 Marking with the indication of extreme internal diameter of a drum

15. Establish springs, enter the lower end face of a back block then the lower end face of a forward block into a regulator groove, move apart blocks and enter into grooves of pistons of the wheel cylinder. Establish other details (photo).
16. Install the reel and a wheel.
17. Adjust a gap between blocks and drums having several times lifted and having lowered the lever of the emergency brake. If necessary remove air from brakes. Lower the car.