14:15. The vacuum amplifier of brakes - general information and check

1. The vacuum amplifier is intended for increase in effort to pistons of the main cylinder due to the depression created in the soaking-up engine collector.
2. In use care of the unit is not required. The amplifier changes only after very big run of the car. Need of replacement is felt on increase of the effort to a pedal necessary for braking.
3. For check of operation of the amplifier several times press a brake pedal. The pedal course by each pressing should not change.
4. Holding a pedal of pressed, start the engine, - the pedal has to leave considerably forward.
5. Holding a pedal of pressed, stop the engine, - during 30 sec. after a stop the provision of a pedal should not change.
6. Again start the engine, 1-2 min. later stop. With a force press a pedal several times, - the course of a pedal has to decrease gradually.
7. If the course of a pedal differs from described above, then execute the following.
1). Check a condition of hoses before and after the control valve, replace the damaged hoses.
2). Check a condition of the control valve. For this purpose remove with a mouth air of their hose. If the air suction is felt, then replace the valve. In the presence of the pump create on the valve from the amplifier pressure about 200 Torahs. Pressure drop should not exceed 6 Torahs for 15 sec.
3). In the opposite direction the valve has to pass air. Otherwise replace the valve.
4). Check the amplifier. For this purpose turn on the vacuum gage between the valve and the amplifier and start the engine, gradually raising turns bring depression to 500 Torahs and stop the engine. Pressure drop should not exceed 25 Torahs for 15 sec. Otherwise the amplifier replace.
5). Execute these checks at completely pressed brake pedal. If leak exceeds the specified norms, then the amplifier replace.