5.16. The crankshaft - check of a state

1. Wash out a bent shaft solvent and dry, clean oil channels, necks and remove agnails (photo).
2. Check a condition of necks of a shaft. Measure diameter of necks in several places and define conicity and ovality (photo). Check a beating of the crankshaft having established in prisms.
3. In the presence of damages on shaft necks and also if ovality, conicity and wear of necks exceed the set limits, the shaft should be pereshlifovat and replaced radical and conrod bearings repair.
4. If on necks under epiploons the deep flute of development from a working edge of an epiploon was formed, there are scratches or other damages, then the crankshaft is recommended to be replaced.

16.1 Remove agnails from edge of a lubricant opening

15.8 Measurement of a gap between a flute and a new ring

15.9 Measurement of diameter of the piston. Diameter is measured perpendicular to an axis of a finger of 1.20,3 mm

16.2 measurement of diameter of necks of the crankshaft

17:4á Places of drawing numbers of dimensional groups of radical bearings on 4-cylinder engines
1. To a forward part of the engine
2. Group B
3. Dimensional group of radical necks