5.19. Piston rings - installation

1. Before installation of new piston rings it is necessary to check a gap in their joints.
It is meant that the gap between a ring and the platform of a landing flute is already checked and meets standard.
2. Spread out pistons assembled with rods and new piston rings in such order that a set of rings corresponded to the cylinder on which the gap will be measured.
3. Insert the top ring into the first cylinder and push the piston bottom inside so that the ring in the cylinder became perpendicular to its axis (photo). The ring has to be in the lower part of the cylinder, in the situation corresponding to the lower dead point.
4. Measure by probes a gap and compare result to standard value (photo). If the gap is more or less established, then double-check correctness of selection of rings.
5. If the gap is too small, then file end faces (photo).
6. The gap in a ring joint to 1 mm is allowed.
7. Believe a gap in each ring.
8. Install rings on the piston, having begun with oil scraper. Establish a divider/dilator (photo) in a flute. Be convinced available a pin (if it is provided) and establish the lower and top disks. At installation of oil scraper disks it is impossible to use the device for clothing of rings as their breakage is possible

19.3 Installation of a piston ring for measurement of a gap in a joint

19.4 Measurement of a gap in a joint of a piston ring

19.5 Podpilivaniye of ring end faces

19. 8a Installation of a dilator of a mayelosjemny ring

19.10a Cross profiles of rings 1. Marking

9. After installation of all details of an oil scraper ring be convinced that the top and lower disks are freely turned in a flute.
10. Establish average and top rings. The tag on an average ring has to be turned towards the bottom of the piston (photo).

Always be guided by the instruction on packing of piston rings, ~ different manufacturers can have different designations of the correct orientation of a ring. Do not mix the top and lower compression rings as they have various cross profiles.