5.21. A back epiploon - installation

On 4-cylinder engines
1. Grease an epiploon, dress on the crankshaft and carefully press a mandrel or easy blows to a soft pro-rate.
On V6 engines
2. Make a mark of landing of an old epiploon on depth and remove an epiploon from the holder (photo).
3. Clear an epiploon and grease an external edge. Press an epiploon a mandrel, or through two wooden whetstones, having clamped an epiploon between whetstones in a vice. It is also possible to press blows of the hammer through whetstone (photo). The epiploon has to come in the holder without distortions.

20:13 Installation of a side sealant on 4-cylinder engines

4. Grease working edges of an epiploon and establish the holder on new laying, having greased the platform under the holder sealant (photo). Tighten bolts.

21.2 Vypressovyvany old epiploon

21.3 An epiploon press fitting in the holder

21:4á Lubricant of working edges of an epiploon.

21:4í Lubricant platform sealant under the holder