5.10. A head of cylinders - assembly

1. Be convinced of purity of a head of cylinders.
2. Establish basic washers of springs.
3. Napressuyte on the new oil scraper caps directing plugs by means of a mandrel or adaptation (photo). Rotation of caps at a napressovka is not allowed
4. Oil a valve core for the engine and install the first valve. Install a plate and crackers and check spring height in working order (i.e. distance between a basic washer and the lower surface of a plate in position of the closed valve, a photo). If necessary adjust height installation of additional basic washers.

10.3 Napressovka of caps by means of adaptation

10.4 Check of height of a spring in working order

5. Remove a plate and crackers and establish both springs by a dense navivka (photo) down.
6. Squeeze springs and establish crackers. If necessary grease crackers with jellied lubricant temporarily to fix on a core of the valve (photo).
7. Similarly install other valves. Again check height of springs (photo) and adjust basic washers. Installation of excess basic washers is not allowed if the initial height of a spring in working order meets standard.

10.5 Orientation of springs of valves at assembly

10.6 Grease crackers for fixing on a valve core

10.7 Repeated check of height of springs

11.1 Removal of a fillet in the cylinder with the help ра zvertka    

11.3 Marking of a rod with the indication of number of the cylinder

8. Establish a cam-shaft, rollers with yokes and pushers (on V6 engines).
9. On 4 - cylinder engines adjust gaps in valves, having established gaps for the cold engine.