6.9. The liquid temperature sensor - check and replacement

1. The sensor represents the thermoresistor which is consistently connected to the index of temperature.
2. The sensor is screwed in the right forward corner of the soaking-up collector.
3. If the index does not register temperature, then check safety locks and a chain. For this purpose disconnect a wire from the sensor and connect to weight. Include ignition and in several seconds switch off. If the arrow of the index deviated to Hot sector, then the sensor is faulty. Otherwise the index or a chain is faulty.
4. At a temperature of 60 °C resistance of the sensor is 70-90 Ohms, and at 100 °C - 24 0 m.
5. Not cooled down engine merge liquid and disconnect a wire from the sensor.
6. Screw the sensor and wrap new, it is reliable not to use a zatya-nit Sealant.