6.12. A heater radiator - removal and installation

1. Merge cooling liquid.
2. On cars with the conditioner disconnect shlz-ng on a partition of a motor compartment (photo)
3. On cars without conditioner remove a casing of a radiator (photo) and disconnect hoses on a partition of a motor compartment.
4. Remove the central section (if it is provided).
5. Disconnect a cable of the delitelny gate from a fan casing.
6. On cars with the conditioner remove the fan, turn off nuts and bolts of the block of cooling.
7. Unscrew screws and having raised, remove a heater.
8. Remove the control panel (see below).
9. If necessary sort a heater for what disconnect drafts of the lever of mixing and delitelny gates, remove latches and disunite both half of a casing (photo). At installation adjust drafts (see below).

11:3í The Fan is installed under a glove box on the right
1. Socket
2. Bolt
3. Hose

12.2 Heater hoses

12.3 Details of a heater and conditioner
1,2,13. The defreezing nozzle
3. Casing
4. Air inlet
5,8. Air duct
6. Nozzles for heating of salon
7. Lower air duct of the conditioner
8. Отопитепь 
10,12. Arm
11. Conditioner

12.9 Radiator of a heater and casing
1. Mixing gate 
2. Drainage crane
3. Delitelny gate
4. Gate of a ventilating nozzle
5. Radiator