6.15. The proofreader of idling - adjustment

1. Warm up the engine idling.
2. At the switched-off conditioner check idling turns, if necessary adjust (Hl. 1).
3. Turn on the conditioner and again check idling turns (on cars with automatic transmission transfer the selector to situation N).
Carburetor engines
4. Turns of idling have to be on rear wheel drive cars of 800 rpm, on all-wheel drive-950 rpm. Otherwise adjust rotation of the screw on the lever of the accelerating pump (photo), not to touch the screw of adjustment of idling.
Injector engines
5. Establish turns of idling  of 800-950 rpm by rotation of the adjusting screw (photo).
6. Several times press a pedal of a butterfly valve and be convinced that turns of idling meet standard with the switched-off and switched on conditioner.