6.17. The compressor - removal and installation

1. Transfer rychazhka of management to the provision of the maximum cooling, open windows and sustain the compressor included for 10 min. idling.

15.5 The adjusting screw of the proofreader of idling on the injector engine
1. Screw
2. Electromagnetic valve of the proofreader

16.3 Conditioner moisture separator
1. A tube from the condenser
2. Final tube
3. Pressure sensor
4. Collar bolt

2. Disconnect the battery from weight and remove the ignition distributor.
3. Turn off a bolt of a natyazhitel of a belt on a compressor pulley, turn an adjusting bolt and take off a belt (photo).
4. Disconnect from the compressor of a tube of the highway (photo).
5. Disconnect all wires from the compressor. -
6. Turn off bolts and remove the compressor from an arm (photo).
7. Get the compressor from a compartment.

In order to avoid breakage working position of the compressor should not be broken for the period of more than 10 min. If the normal provision nevertheless was violated, then install the compressor into position and turn a shaft on several turns.

8. Installation is carried out upside-down. At accession of tubes replace sealing rings. Fill the conditioner in car service.

17.3 A bolt натяжитапя on a pulley of the compressor (A) and an adjusting bolt (V) on the V6 engine

17.6 Compressor and arm