6.14. Air conditioning system - service

1. Care of the conditioner comes down to performance of the following operations.
а). Check of a tension of a compressor belt
б). Check of a condition of hoses and tubes (not to disunite the highway!)
в). Cleaning of intercostal spaces of the condenser
г). Check of purity of a drainage opening (wire piece)
2. The conditioner should be turned on monthly approximately for 10 min.
3. Elimination of any malfunctions of the conditioner, depressurization and filling of system are carried out in service of Nissan car service. Signs of abnormal operation of the conditioner are:
emergence of fog and bubbles in an observation port on a moisture separator (photo), frosting of the broad valve, evaporator, a tube between the evaporator and the valve from absorption (or emergence of condensate on these knots), frosting of a tube of the liquefied coolant.

14.3 Observation port of a moisture separator

15.4 Adjusting screw of the proofreader of idling 1. The lever of the accelerating pump a valve tube overheat from absorption which sometimes is followed by an engine overheat.