17.6. The relay - general information

Relays are used to the operated inclusion and shutdown of the consumer under the influence of an electric signal. If the relay is faulty, then this consumer will unstably work. Relays are mounted in the uniform block located under a forward partition (photo). The faulty relay can be taken. The relay is checked in car service, is not subject to dismantling and is replaced entirely.

5.2 Arrangement of the relay and consumers
1. Block of breakers of turn and alarm system
2. Braking signal switch
3. The switch a cruise - control
4. The kick-down switch - the mode (low gear)
5. Safety relay
6. Dver

6.3 The table of check, intermediate positions and distributing of sockets of switches of the index of turn, a screen wiper, light of headlights and lamps and a cruise - control (on cars of 1987-88).
1. Cleaner
2. "Fog" (work in the strengthened mode)

8.1a Screws of adjustment of passing beam

8.1b Screws of adjustment of driving beam