17:12. A sound signal - check

1. Cars are equipped with sound signals of high-pitch and low tone which are mounted behind a front bumper under headlights. Signals join the button or in the center of a wheel, or one of side buttons (on a part of cars). The relay of a sound signal is mounted under the forward panel on the left side.
2. In the absence of a signal check a safety lock.
3. If the safety lock is serviceable, then disconnect a wire from one of signals and connect a signal directly to the battery. If there is no signal, then either the signal is faulty, or there is a break of connection with weight. Similarly check other signal.

10.2 Replacement of lamps of lighting fixtures
1. Plafond of illumination of salon and cargo compartment
2. Plafond of illumination of registration plate
3. Back combination of lamps
4. Forward repeater of turns
5. Forward index of turns

10.3 Cartridges of 4 types used in lighting fixtures
1. To remove
2. To establish

4. If at connection with the battery the signal is, then the signal relay is faulty. Also it is necessary to check contact of connection with weight on a steering column and wires.