17.7. Switches - check

1. Switches are checked by an ohmmeter with use of the enclosed schematic diagram. Schemes of check of switches of turns / a sound signal and the fan of the heater/conditioner are represented in the enclosed drawings.
2. It is the simplest to check couples of normally closed or normally opened contacts of the switch (for example the switch of a signal of the emergency brake). For this purpose find the necessary switch according to the scheme, disconnect wires and connect an ohmmeter (tester) to switch conclusions. Transfer the switch to situation "incl." and "off" and you watch a device arrow. On normally closed contacts of the shooter has to deviate, and when switching to return to former situation. On normally opened contacts the return picture has to be observed.
3. For check of multicontact switches it is necessary to use the enclosed chart (photo). Number of a conclusion of the socket of the switch, and across - position of the switch is down specified. Conclusions between which there has to be a closed chain are specified by circles and connected by continuous line. Keep in mind that position of the switch of lighting has 3 provisions - And, In and S. A - the top situation, In - lower and With - to pull in the direction of an arrow.