17:27. Schemes assembly and electric basic

Designations of sockets in a motor compartment 1M - to the magnetic valve of the proofreader of idling 2M-to the ZM-condenser to the ignition coil the 7M-diagnostic socket 8M-to a left headlight (type 1) 9M-to a left headlight (type 2) 10M-to a lamp of the index left on

Designations of the main sockets in salon 51M - to the diode (on cars with automatic transmission) 52M-to a plafond of lighting 53M-to the right loudspeaker the 54M-free socket (heater) 55M-to the fan 56M-to the resistor 57M-to the conditioner 5 relay

Basic electric circuit, sheet 1

Basic electric circuit, sheet 2

Basic electric circuit, sheet 3

System of a charge of the battery (for and/t late release)

System of a charge of the battery (for the car of late release)

Control lamps