17:25. A thermoelement of heating of back glass - removal and installation

1. The thermoelement consists of set horizontal a provolok, introduced in glass on formation stages.
2. Small damages a provolok can be eliminated independently, it is not required to remove glass.
3. To check work of a heater of back glass start the engine and include a heater.
4. Connect weighing one of wires of a control lamp, and other wire concern a heater wire.
5. Displace a wire along a wire from right to left, - lamp luminescence brightness at the same time has to increase. If brightness of a lamp is identical on both ends of a wire of a thermoelement, then it is necessary to check connection of a heater with weight. A wire it is necessary to check everything not less than two places.
6. Repair of a heater requires the special carrying-out paste with silver powder (is available on sale).
7. Switch off a heater and wait for cooling.
8. Slightly to a zapoliruyta the damaged site a soft steel sponge, wipe with alcohol.
9. Paste pieces of an adhesive tape on both sides of the damaged site so that the gap between pieces in accuracy coincided with the route of a wire on the damaged site.
10. Dip a poster feather into paste and draw a line on a gap between tape pieces so that the paste strip blocked the damaged site a little.
11. Carefully remove pieces of a tape and dry the put path an air soldering iron with a temperature of 250-350 °C within 1 - 2 min. from distance of 2-3 cm to glass.
12. If necessary restore color of the damaged site iodine tincture. It is possible to include the restored heater not less than in 24 hours.