17.9. Headlights - adjustment

1. Headlights are regulated by screws (photo). It is independently possible to adjust only approximately a bunch of headlights, exact adjustment is carried out in car service.
2. Install the car on a plain surface opposite to the screen (wall) approximately in 9 m.
3. Measure distance from the center of a headlight to a floor and draw the line on the screen.
4. Measure distance from an axis of symmetry of the car to the center of headlights and note on the screen two vertical lines, having received thereby projections of the centers of headlights (two cross hairs).
5. Remove a frame of headlights. For adjustment it is necessary to tighten at first adjusting screws, and, releasing, to establish a bunch in a cross hairs on the screen.
6. Turn on the passing or driving light of headlights and, rotating adjustment screws across, establish a bunch on vertical tags. - Then rotating adjustment screws down, establish bunches on a cross hairs.
7. Shake the car and be convinced that both bunches returned to a starting position.