17.4. Safety locks - general information

Chains of electric equipment of the car are protected by safety locks or fusible crossing points (photo). The assembly block of safety locks is mounted under a forward partition on the left side. For access to a safety lock uncover the assembly block. On a cover the chain which is protected by this safety lock is specified. At refusal of a chain at first check a safety lock. The fused safety lock easily is found on appearance. To replace a safety lock get faulty and insert new, having pushed it into a nest. The rated current of a new safety lock has to correspond in accuracy to current of replaced. It is forbidden to use wire pieces instead of a safety lock. At burn-out of a new safety lock find the reason and eliminate.

3.1b Assembly block 1. Spare safety locks 2. Tweezers

4.2 If on isolation of a crossing point there are swellings or traces of a vykrashivaniye or if the crossing point fused, then it should be replaced