8.3. System of ignition check

1. If the starter turns the crankshaft, and the engine is not started, then check survey a condition of wires, candles, covers of the distributor and the runner.
2. If all these details in the normal state, then check integrity of high-voltage wires. For this purpose switch off ignition, disconnect a coil wire from the distributor and fix in 45 mm from the smoothed-out site of weight. Having turned a starter the engine you monitor formation of sparks. In the presence of sparks it is necessary to look for malfunction in other systems of the engine. If the spark is absent, or sparks are observed with interruptions, then further check of system of ignition is necessary.
3. Warm up the engine (if it is possible to start) and stop.
4. Check tension on the battery at switched off ignition and consumers. If tension lower than 11,5 In, remove the battery and load (if the battery did not remain under loading long time, check a charge chain).
5. If tension on the battery at inclusion of a starter lower than 9,6 In, then the battery is charged with incompleteness. Remove the battery and load.
6. Check a cover of the distributor and a wire. If at the measurement of resistance of a wire of a candle attached to a distributor cover, the indication of an ohmmeter is less than 30 KOhm (photo), then a conclusion of a cover and a wire are serviceable.

2.7b Check of resistance of isolation 1. Cover

2.8 Check of resistance of a secondary winding, coil of ignition 1. Ohmmeter

7. On cars of 19871988 check isolation resistance between electrodes of a cover (photo). If resistance is lower than norm, then replace a cover.
8. Check resistance of a secondary winding of the coil of ignition, having connected an ohmmeter at the switched-off ignition between high-voltage, a conclusion and a conclusion of N of the coil (photo). If the indication of an ohmmeter does not meet standard, then replace the coil.