8.2. System of ignition general information

The system of ignition of the considered cars consists of the distributor with the sensor of rotation of a kolenvap, the coil, candles, wires and the electronic switchboard. The processor block on which impulses from the sensor of rotation of the crankshaft (the description of the sensor see come to Hl operates the moment of ignition. 4). Impulses are generated by the converter on the basis of optical couple (светодиодфотодиод) and the shaper. Interruption of radiation of a light-emitting diode is provided with a rotor with slot-hole structure. Impulses of the moment of ignition are formed by the rotor cracks located on an internal circle which define angular movement of the crankshaft (within 1 turn).

2.7a Check of resistance of a wire and contact in a distributor cover