8.16. Generator removal and installation

1. Disconnect the battery from weight. Lift a car front.
2. Designate and disconnect wires from generators
Take off a belt.
3. Turn off an adjusting bolt and a bolt of fastening.
4. Get the generator from the bottom.
5. Installation is carried out upside-down.

16.2 Generator details (without back dustproof cover) 1. Coupling bolt 2. Back cover 3. Brush holder 4. Rectifier 5. Case of the forward bearing 6. Rotor 7. Regulator 8. Stator 9. Back bearing 10. Forward bearing 11. Forward cover 12. Шк

16.4 Nuts of fastening of the stator

16:5á The Arrangement of brushes before the soldering

16:5í Places of the soldering of brushes

16.6 The regulator fastens to the rectifier the soldering (A) and a rivet (In)