8.17. Regulator of tension and brush replacement

1. Remove the generator
2. Turn off 4 coupling bolts on a back cover (photo).
3. Unscrew two screws and a nut and remove a cover. Having slightly killed, separate a forward cover with a rotor.
4. Turn off 5 nuts on a back cover and remove the stator (photo).
5. Check length of brushes, if necessary replace. Before the soldering nominate a brush to 11 mm and carefully solder conclusions in the specified places (photo) a loop on the end of a wire (having wrapped a wire on 1 round).
6. For replacement of the regulator do the following (to remove the regulator only in need of replacement).
а). Disconnect the regulator from the rectifier for what unsolder
conclusion also remove a rivet (photo). It is recommended to unsolder at first stator wires from the rectifier.
б). Disconnect the regulator from the brush holder for what remove solder and flat-nose pliers pull out pins.
в). At installation of the new regulator carefully (easy blows) press pins, a propayayta all connections and a rasklepayta, having established a new rivet.
7. Collect and install the generator upside-down.