8.15. System of a charge check

1. Before check of the refused system of a charge completely charge the battery.
2. Check a condition of all wires and connections.
3. Be convinced of fire of a control lamp after inclusion of ignition.
4. If the lamp does not burn, then check a lamp. For this purpose disconnect on the generator a wire from SL conclusion, and connect a conclusion of L to weight. Include ignition and if lamps still do not burn, then the lamp or conducting is faulty.
If the lamp lit up, then either the generator, or tension regulator is faulty. Attach a wire to a conclusion of SL and connect brushes to weight (a photo, see below) If at the included ignition the control lamp lights up, then the regulator is faulty, otherwise the generator is faulty. Replace the faulty unit.
5. If at inclusion of ignition the control lamp lights up, then start the engine and transfer to idling. The lamp has to go out. Otherwise replace the generator.
6. Bring turns to 1500 rpm and include headlights. If the control lamp dimly shines, then check tension between conclusions In and the L generator.
If tension less than 0,5 In, then the generator replace.
If at the included headlights the control lamp does not burn, then check tension on a conclusion In, without reducing engine turns (be convinced of correctness of connection with S conclusion).
If tension exceeds 15,5 B, then replace tension regulator.
7. If at inclusion of headlights idling the control lamp lights up, then replace the generator.