13.7. Nave epiploons – removal and installation, adjustment of bearings

1. Remove a nave and a fist.
2. Unscrew the screw of a lock plate.
3. Turn off a lock-nut, record a nave (photo).
4. Remove a plate and a special washer (photo).
5. Hook and get a maslootrazhatel, push out the bearing plug.
6. Remove a fist (photo).
6.b Removal of a fist from a nave
7. Get a bearing cuff
8. Vypressuyte ring of the internal bearing (photo)
9. Turn off bolts and remove a nave from a brake disk (Hl. 10).
10. Vypressuyte the external bearing by means of a press, remove a maslootrazhatel.
11. Wash out all details.

6.3 Fixing of a nave at a nut otvorachivaniye

5.6b Bolts of the lower support

6.4 Nave, half shaft and  rotary fist 1. Disk of a brake 2. Epiploon A 3. Internal bearing 4. External bearing 5. Lock-nut 6. Lock plate 7. Povodkovy coupling 8,10 Lock ring 9. The device for manual blocking of a nave (the car early you

6.8 Vypressovka of a ring of the internal bearing 1. Brass small beards

12. Grease a holder of the external bearing, put lubricant in a nave (photo) and press in the bearing in a nave, resting against an external ring. Fill with lubricant the central space of a nave. Establish an external epiploon.
13. Establish a disk.
14. Grease and press the internal bearing.
15. Tighten a nave nut with the set moment.
16. Check freedom of rotation of a nave.
17. Grease and establish an internal epiploon


The special key is applied to an otvorachivaniye and an inhaling of a nut (Hl. 8)

18. Tighten a nut with the set moment.
19. Release a nut and check a side play which has to be equal to zero.

6.12 Put lubricant to the places specified by shading

20. Turn a wheel in both directions.
21. Define a preliminary tightness in bearings. For this purpose, having hooked on a dynamometer for the top hairpin, define effort And under which the wheel will begin to rotate. Further tighten a nut on 15-30 ° and establish a lock plate on a nut. Turn a wheel in both directions. Hook on a dynamometer for the lower hairpin define effort In under which the wheel will begin to rotate. The tightness is equal to a difference V-and.
22. Repeat the procedure and achieve a normal tightness in bearings.
23. Establish a lock ring in a nut flute.
24. Establish other details upside-down.