13.5. A half shaft - dismantling and assembly

1. Remove a half shaft.
2. Clamp a half shaft in a vice through soft laying.

2.5 Check of thickness of the blocking rings of L (there have to be not less than 15,4 mm).

3.11 Removal of a half shaft from a rotary fist 1. Whetstone

3.13 Check of an axial side play of a half shaft

4.3 Dismantling of the internal hinge

4.4 Details of a half shaft 1. From a wheel 2. Details of the Rzeppa 3,7,16 CV JOINT. Lock ring 4. Shaft 5. The Tripod hinge (the "sliding" hinge) 6. Cap 8. Crosspiece 9. Case 10,13. Cover 11,12,14, Collar 15. Hinge 17. The ring is selected on thicknesses

3. Carefully bring down a half shaft flange from differential and release a cap of the case of the hinge (photo).
4. Remove collars of covers (photo).
5. Displace covers and the case of the sliding hinge towards a wheel pin.
6. Designate the provision of a crosspiece on a half shaft shaft.
7. Vypressuyte a half shaft from a crosspiece (it is carried out on the press).
8. Remove a cover and the case.
9. Designate situation on a half shaft and carefully beat out the external CV JOINT (photo), remove a lock ring.
10. Wash out and examine all details.
11. Before assembly put lubricant in the external CV JOINT.
12. Dress a cover on a half shaft and establish a new lock ring. Put lubricant in the external CV JOINT and fix a cover by collars.
13. Dress a cover on a half shaft from differential, collars and install the case of the internal CV JOINT.
14. Clamp a half shaft in a vice and establish a crosspiece so that the gear collar of a crosspiece was turned towards a half shaft.

If the removed crosspiece is established, then combine the tags put when dismantling. If the new crosspiece is established, then displace a crosspiece towards a pin to a limit.

15. Record a crosspiece on a shaft, расклепав a gear collar in two places (photo). Rasklepka depth not less than 1 mm.

4.9 Removal of the external CV JOINT from a half shaft

4.12 At installation of a cover sustain the size L

4.15 Fixing of a crosspiece of the sliding CV JOINT on a half shaft shaft, 1. Not less than 1 mm

16. Dress the case and put lubricant in the internal CV JOINT
17. Fix a cover by a new collar.
18. Apply lubricant on an epiploon of a cap and establish a cap, screw three bolts and a nut. Vpressuyte a cap, I will hit in three places.
19. Establish the size L of a cover (photo) and level a cover, having removed residual pressure. Fix by a small collar.