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13.6. A nave and a rotary fist - smyaty and installation

1. Lift a front of the car and establish on supports.
2. Remove a wheel.
3. Remove a support (Hl. 10) also take aside.
4. Remove a half shaft.
5. Release a nut of a tip of steering draft and a vypressuyta a sharovy finger of a tip from an eye of a rotary fist.

5.6a Bolts of the top support

6. Remove a fist assembled with support. For this purpose raise the lower lever a jack. Turn off bolts of fastening of support to levers (photo).
7. Remove a fist. If necessary release nuts a stripper to a support vypressuyta from a fist. Nuts leave navernuty on fingers of support.
8. Assembly is carried out upside-down. Adjust a half shaft side play (see above).