13:11. Epiploons of the transfer case - replacement

1. Lift a front of the car and establish on supports. Remove guards and merge oil from a box.
2. Designate position of the driveshaft concerning a flange of the transfer case, turn off bolts and disconnect the driveshaft (photo).
3. Turn off a reducer nut, having screwed bolts in a flange and having rested the screw-driver.
4. Press a box flange.

11.8 Remove a cover and turn off a nut of fastening of a rod of the transfer case

11:5í A speedometer Cable in a back part of a box

5. Hook and accurately get an epiploon (photo),
6. Put universal lubricant in an epiploon and press in a case a mandrel.
7. Dress a flange, turn and tighten a reducer nut with the set moment.
8. Install the driveshaft, having combined the tags put when dismantling.
9. Other operations it is carried out upside-down.