11.5. Kick-down - the switch - adjustment

1. The switch is intended for giving of food on the electromagnetic drive of transition to a low gear when pressing a pedal of a butterfly valve to the full. If the switch is not adjusted, then switching to a low gear happens at partially open butterfly valve.

4.3 The typical scheme of the kick-down connection - the switch

5.4 Adjustment of a rod of a vacuum diaphragm 1. A saddle (the valve has to be pressed to a saddle)     2. Case wall Z.Shtok 4. Plate of the case of the throttle valve 5. Throttle valve

2. Include ignition and press a pedal of a butterfly valve to the full, - at the same time the characteristic click has to be listened.
3. If the click is absent, then release a lock-nut (the switch is mounted over a pedal), press a pedal to the full and give the switch before click (at an emphasis to the probe).
4. Tighten a lock-nut and check adjustment.
5. If the switch is adjusted, but switching to a low gear does not happen, then check short circuit of contacts of the switch and presence of tension on it.
6. If tension is present and contacts become isolated, then address to car service for check of a chain of the switch and the electromagnetic drive.