11.2. General data

On cars 4-speed transmissions which type is defined by a wheel formula and type of the engine are established. Gear shifting is carried out depending on the speed of the movement and depression in the soaking-up collector. On transmissions of RE4R01A or RL4R01A of cars 1990 and 1991 of are provided the device of automatic switching of transmission at an overload of the engine and the blocked hydrotransformer. These transmissions are equipped with system of self-diagnostics.
The selector of transmission can be in one of 6 following provisions.
Р - the parking, in this situation is started the engine for performance of all adjusting works on the working engine. It is forbidden to transfer the selector to this situation during the movement. It is used for the parking on biases.
R - reverse gear
N - neutral situation, in this situation is started the engine and can is long to idle during movement along the loaded route.
About (on a part of cars) - switching of transmission at an engine overload, joins automatically at operation of the switch (on 4-cylinder engines) or at position of the switch of engine capacity in situation Auto (on V6 engines).
D - the lever is transferred to this situation when driving in the usual mode.
"2" - the car moves on the 2nd transfer, is used on steep slopes and descents, and also at the movement on a wet covering. In this situation the engine experiences the maximum loads.
"1" - in this situation transmission switches to the 1st or 2nd transfer at a speed below or higher than 40 km/h, respectively. It is used for effective braking by the engine on abrupt biases.
Repair of automatic transmission is carried out only in car service. However, it is independently possible to remove this unit and to replace. If the car is operated in the conditions of heavy traffic at air temperature above 30 °C, in the hilly terrain or is often used as towing, then it is necessary to change liquid through each 24000 km (but not 48000). A liquid cooler (it is located in the lower part of a radiator it is washed out in car service. During the unsatisfactory work of transmission before drawing a conclusion on malfunction of its internal device perform the adjusting and test works described below.

2.3a the Lock-nut of draft of transmission in cars with the floor selector (all-wheel drive cars of 1988 and all rear-wheel cars since 1987) 1. Lock-nuts

2.3b a draft Lock-nut in all-wheel drive cars with the floor selector 1987 1. Lock-nuts        2. Screw coupler 3. Not to press